Our methodology was developed to be compatible with, and complementary to, everything your child learns in school. We deliver a fully customised learning plan designed to address each student’s needs, whether they started out far behind or are already ahead in school. We use a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, and written techniques to help children learn and actually understand maths. It’s called the Schoolpedia Education Method™ and its highly helpful and creative!

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Learning is Personal.

Discovering Newfound


No two students are alike. Your child is an individual, that’s why we offer individualised courses that are different for every child. We are here to make sure your child is learning in
a way that works best for them in a friendly and warn classroom environment.


Maths for all abilities.

Our unique to Schoolpedia educational materials and teaching techniques are designed to be as flexible as they should be. We’ll challenge our students beyond what they’re learning and broaden their horizons in maths. We nurture and grow your child’s natural enthusiasm for maths by broadening skills and stretching students. Or if they just need that extra boost of confidence we can help them to get to the next level.

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How your primary school child benefits

whether behind or ahead in Maths.

By giving your child a solid foundation and confidence in Maths, you can be left assured that with Schoolpedia we keep them from falling behind and help them avoid the problems and upsets that falling behind can bring. Primary school students who love Maths and are good at it come to Schoolpedia to experience areas of math typically not covered at school. We help them build the foundation for continued math success in secondary school and beyond. We also help students understand their homework as part of each session and prepare them for school tests.


How your secondary school child benefits

whether behind or ahead in Maths.

Secondary school Maths builds upon primary school’s Maths foundation and focuses on explaining why mathematical rules work so that children learn and understand the rules, not just memorise them. Many students start secondary school with gaps in their Maths. At Schoolpedia, our experienced teachers work with your child to fill in those gaps while still addressing their current needs. Secondary school students who are good at Maths come to Schoolpedia to get ahead and prepare for more competitive Maths concepts. We also help students understand their homework as part of each session and prepare them for school tests.

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Our Maths Curriculum.

Creating Confidence with Every Lesson.


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  • Mental techniques
    Students are taught how and when to calculate without paper-and-pencil work and use mental maths techniques instead.
    Example: 99 + 99 + 99 = _____
    Instead of solving this as the usual vertical addition problem, students are taught to think, “100 + 100 + 100 – 3 = 300 – 3 = 297.”

  • Verbal techniques
    Language is an important part of Maths. Students are taught the meaning of root words to help them solve problems. They’re also taught how to explain their thought process and reasoning verbally.
    Example: Percent
    Percent is taught by breaking the word down into small pieces, we have found out through many years that this is an effective way for children to actually understand: per CENT—“for each 100.” Using this definition, students think of “7% of 200” as “7 for the first 100, and 7 for the second hundred. 7 + 7 = 14.”

  • Visual techniques
    We use pictures, pie charts, and tables to explain key mathematical ideas and concepts. Many of the problems provided to students are “picture based,” giving them the whole picture of a problem that go beyond the written words.

  • Written techniques
    Written practice is a necessary component of Maths. At Schoolpedia we give students a lot of practice. In addition, our printed research based, state of the art, tried and tested materials are designed to provide an orderly and understandable development of mathematical thought and skills.

  • Self- Esteem
    We strongly believe that every students can reach their full potential and be successful. At Schoolpedia we nurture our students success by finding the right starting point (through our assessment) for each student and building confidence and self-esteem through successful interaction with materials carefully selected specifically for them.


    We help build

    Confident students

    We believe that virtually any child can achieve their full potential. They just need the right tuition.
    They need to be taught the way that suits them. This is where Schoolpedia comes in.

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    Great inspiring teachers.

    Making Every Lesson Count.

    Our specially trained qualified teachers make all the difference in sparking true learning. They are highly experienced in the school curriculum. They are passionate and dedicated providing the positive reinforcement that leads to success but they are much more than just tutors. They’re motivators and confidence builders. They know how to challenge and inspire children, turning frustration into confidence and strugglers into achievers. They are the heart of what we do.

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    Fees accessible for everyone.

    We strongly believe providing the best fully supportive education shouldn’t be expensive. That’s the main reason why our fees are at a price that’s accessible for everyone. Our membership is simple, straightforward and great value.

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