The Pupil Premium Involvement

Supporting you for Student Success

Schoolpedia® Education delivers a comprehensive approach to creating successful learning environments. By developing a strategic plan that supports your education vision we are here to help you. Whether you are looking for after school tuition for your pupils by minimising impact on the school day or you are after Student Revision Sessions to Improve Results then we can offer you exactly what you are looking for.


After school Maths & English tuition.

A fully customised learning approach.

We firmly believe that literally any pupil can reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Our methodology was developed to be compatible with, and complementary to, everything your pupil learns in school. We deliver a fully customised learning plan designed to address each student’s needs, whether they started out far behind or are already ahead in school and they just need some positive reinforcement. From Maths, to Reading, Writing and Grammar we have inspired success. Our after school tuition minimises impact on the school day while having a big effect on your pupils. Each of your pupils will have an individual education plan that is 100% in line with the National Curriculum, pinpointing their individual needs. Whether they are behind or need help in realising just how great they are, we are always here to help.
We want to offer you a straight forward solution and make it as stress free as possible. We track our pupils progress in great detail and provide you with you a comprehensive report in our meetings. This means that together we will monitor and evaluate each child’s progress, allowing us to continue with what is successful and make changes where is considered necessary.

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Student Revision Sessions to Improve Results.

Inspire your students to achieve more.

As teachers ourselves we know very well that schools do their best with their own interventions but sometimes students need extra support or a fresh approach to inspire them to achieve all that they’re capable of. Our approach is unique and has been developed through many years of teaching and researching so we know what works and what not. We create a fully customised learning plan to address your pupils needs and we always adapt our lessons accordingly. We are here to strengthen their weaknesses and built their strengths.
We offer you flexible course modules that allow you cover the content you need at a time and in a format that’s best for you. Our specially trained by Schoolpedia teachers with a track record of being able to engage, inspire and motivate students to succeed will be on hand every single day. We actually guide our students in a way that makes sense to them and we do not switch teaching to a computer program or a series of worksheets with no tuition, no marking, no teaching or support. We are always next to our students to support them, explain the key concepts they have missed and make sure they are on the right track Many schools fund our revision courses out of their Pupil Premium budgets or budgets allocated to
raise standards. Revision courses have been shown to add up to 2 months progress to the average student and make an overall excellent investment.
Of course we have to mention that we are here to help you and share with you all of our knowledge and expertise. That’s why we want to make this experience as stress free as possible.

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