An Effective Education Formula

A Holistic Approach to Student Success

Schoolpedia® Education delivers a comprehensive approach to creating successful learning environments. By developing a strategic plan that supports your education vision, you can build a robust infrastructure for your school, source the best teaching materials for your needs, and effectively train your teachers—all keys to driving a holistic solution for student success.

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Develop a Plan for Education

Transforming Education Inside and Outside of the


Drive student success with a strategic approach to delivering the most effective education. Through the Schoolpedia® Education model, you can develop a comprehensive plan for reaching long-term education goals. Our framework help you support teaching and learning by building a scalable, sustainable infrastructure that guides your initiatives—and your students—to success.


How can we help

Delivering a well-rounded support to local schools

  • Maths and English workshops for your School whenever you need it. Taking away the hassle of planning, whether we’re teaching new topics, or reinforcing a previous lesson, we can support you and your class. Find out more >
  • Pupil Premium involvement. Whether you are looking for after school tuition for your pupils by minimising impact on the school day or you are after Student Revision Sessions to Improve Results then we are here to help out. Find out more >
  • Supporting local PTAs. We know how demanding it can be to fundraise and constantly be in the look out for finding new ways to support your school. We can offer free Maths and Literacy games with prizes for pupils at your Christmas and Summer fairs but not only that. Find out more >
  • n-house teachers training for your school. Provide the best possible learning experience to your pupils by effectively in-house training your teachers. Have your training on whatever topic you want, or choose one of our existing courses and tailor it to meet your needs. Find out more >

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