In-house Training for Your School

Offering the support you need.

Every school is different so why should all the training be the same? Schoolpedia® Education inhouse training service allows you as much flexibility as you need, whether you’re looking to have an existing course delivered in your school or if you want something completely customised. We also run student revision courses, providing support for struggling students in the run up to exams, and personalised Maths and English tuition.
How can we help:

  • Have your training on whatever topic you want, or choose one of our existing courses and tailor it to meet your needs.
  • Train groups of staff on important topics cost effectively and at one time.
  • No hidden costs – all materials and other expenses included in the one price.


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Training is Personal.

In-house courses tackling school issues.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver training that is built from the ground up around you. We work with you to create a programme and provide the best trainer to facilitate. Any of our existing courses can be delivered in your school for training five or more members of staff. We take the time to understand your needs and tailor the course accordingly.


How it works.

Our team will organise everything required for your training session to be a worthwhile experience. When you enquire we’ll provide you with a pre-course questionnaire, giving you the time to tell us your objectives and learning outcomes. We will then design the course and present you with a draft programme. When you’re happy, one of our expert trainers on the subject will be selected to run the program on your school.


Course 1

Outstanding Lessons in Primary Maths – New


Purposeful strategies for leading and inspiring outstanding numeracy learning in the primary classroom. The new primary curriculum and Ofsted expectations place a higher expectation on teachers to deliver outstanding numeracy lessons as a means of raising standards. This course offers practical tips and examines how high performing countries such as Singapore have applied the mastery model in classrooms leading to an astonishing impact on standards.

  • Understand what outstanding mathematics lessons look like.
  • Understanding the new curriculum – learning from other countries.
  • Meeting the needs of all learners in the primary numeracy lesson.
  • Assess, evaluate and plan for excellence.


Course 2

Tackling Stress in School.

Essential practical suggestions for minimising the impact of stress, for students wellbeing. This course can be run at any time of the year for all age groups but it is most popular with those preparing for exams. The focus is on creating coping strategies, developing a more positive outlook for all students but it also includes approaches to revision, study skills, ways of overcoming problems and blockages and developing effective work habits. The course can also explore some creative approaches to assessment and handling feedback which can be useful for all subjects and age groups.

  • Recognise that small gains matter — they can be proud of every day achievements.
  • Realise that we all work and learn at different rates and in different ways. We should not
    always be comparing ourselves to others.
  • Understand that there is more than one path to success.
  • Develop an understanding of the pressure they put on themselves and gain effective
    strategies. to cope with pressure from others.
  • Develop planning strategies and routines which are motivating and satisfying.
  • Use failure, hard work and problems as a positive part of their development.
  • Gain the confidence to ask questions.
  • Develop essential study skills and confidence for independent learning.


Course 3

Making SPaG Spectacular.

Make your lessons more innovative, imaginative and inspiring. This course is designed to provide you with a rich bank of lessons, games and inspiring activities to enthuse both teachers and their pupils when teaching and learning spelling, punctuation and grammar. With a new focus on SPaG, the terminology, structure and style of assessments can often become stumbling blocks. This exciting and practical approach will immerse delegates into an active, differentiated and engaging learning adventure.

  • Understand the current SPaG curriculum.
  • Using NLP and proven memory techniques to improve retention and application of SPaG.
  • Explore texts to model the purpose and effect of SPaG.
  • Create an inclusive approach to teaching and learning SPaG.
  • Explore ‘assessment for learning’ opportunities and receive free resources for marking and
    assessing SPaG.
  • Engage in practical activities involving fictional animated characters, dance, music and
    drama to apply in your class.

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