Key Stage 2

Tuition for Ages 7-11

We firmly believe that literally any child can reach their full potential and achieve their goals. They just need the right tuition. To be taught in a way they understand and we are here to make sure that they do understand. Understanding is the foundation to success. The stronger the foundation the more you can build. That’s why we always help with their school’s homework. By understanding key concepts and overcoming homework frustration they get the right boost of confidence.

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Inspiring tuition

Creating a Strong Foundation

Our methodology was developed to be compatible with, and complementary to, everything your child learns in school from Year 3 all the way to Year 6. We deliver a fully customised learning plan designed to address each student’s needs, whether they started out far behind or are already ahead in school. From Maths, to Reading, Writing and Grammar we have inspired success.




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A life changing
experience for every
child we teach. We
help our students to
become confident
learners who are
remain excited about

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Schoolpedia’s main
goal is to meet our
students education
needs where they are
and take them where
they need to go.

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Schoolpedia’s tuition
goes beyond
traditional approaches
by helping our
students to develop
their understanding
and actually love

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The results are
families will see
measurable results in
attitude, confidence,
and school progress.



How we can help your child?

whether behind or ahead in Maths

At Schoolpedia, we believe that every child has the ability to be successful. We will work hard with your child so that they develop their understanding and make sure they always have their homework done.

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Our KS2 Curriculum.



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Use of unique to Schoolpedia materials and resources that have been developed through many years of pure classroom experience and are 100% in line with the National Curriculum. So, you can be left assured that your child’s progress is in the right track. A dynamic curriculum that enhances a student’s strengths and works to improve any weaknesses.

  • Numeracy – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
    We strongly believe that everybody has the ability to master basic numeracy with the right tuition and materials. That’s where Schoolpedia comes in.

  • Mathematics.
    Our printed state of the art, tried and tested materials are designed to provide an orderly and understandable development of mathematical thought and skills. Our Maths approach is efficient, accurate and flexible.

  • Language.
    A truly dynamic curriculum that enhances a student’s strengths and works to improve any weaknesses. From reading comprehension to writing techniques and everything in between our expert and friendly teachers will improve your child’s skills and build their confidence.

  • Literacy – spellings, grammar and punctuation.
    Carefully developed as selected materials for your child will make all the difference in sparking true learning. A good understanding of spelling and grammar will make your child a better writer, reader and all round communicator.

  • Vocabulary building.
    Our friendly and expert teachers will help your child to build a better vocabulary by using many different ways and effectively building up their confidence and self esteem.

  • Self- Esteem
    We strongly believe that every students can reach their full potential and be successful. At Schoolpedia we nurture our students success by finding the right starting point (through our assessment) for each student and building confidence and self-esteem through successful interaction with materials carefully selected specifically for them.



English for all abilities

Opening Doors in School and Beyond

Your child will develop a solid understanding of reading, writing, spelling, and grammar — from grasping the fundamentals to applying advanced concepts. A supportive environment for learning, making mistakes, and developing skills on a continued basis. At Schoolpedia we identify your child’s exact reading, writing, spelling, and grammar needs and create a fully personalised plan, just for your child.

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Maths for all abilities

Personal Attention to Help Your

Child Thrive

Our unique to Schoolpedia educational materials and teaching techniques are designed to be as flexible as they should be. We’ll challenge our students beyond what they’re learning and broaden their horizons in maths. We nurture and grow your child’s natural enthusiasm for maths by broadening skills and stretching students. Or if they just need that extra boost of confidence we can help them to get to the next level.

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Our SATs preparation

Introducing Your Child

to a Great Future

Our SATs preparation tuition provides students with the tools to feel confident and achieve high scores. Our inspirational teachers use our Exclusive 2017 KS2 SATs practice papers to provide structured lessons in Maths, Reading and SPaG making sure that your child can achieve the best possible score.

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11+ entrance exams preparation.

Giving Your child an Edge for the


Preparation is vital for your child’s success and ensuring that they feel ready to face the challenges of each stage of the entrance process from written exams to interviews. Our inspirational teachers use our 11+ exam practice papers which are updated regularly, cover the full syllabus in all subjects (Maths, English and Reasoning – verbal and non verbal) and offer an accurate reflection of the actual exams that your child will take. At Schoolpedia we make sure that your child can achieve the best possible score.

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Our Education approach is effective, unique and


A life changing experience for every child we teach. Our approach is unique as is your child. Our learning and teaching method is fully personal customised to ensure the necessary progress. We boost their knowledge and confidence.
Based on our classroom experience we know that is extremely important to get the right balance of all the appropriate materials and resources that will make sure that your child understands what is being taught and they develop their learning. Our method offers exactly that.

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We help build

Confident students

We believe that virtually any child can achieve their full potential. They just need the right tuition.
They need to be taught the way that suits them. This is where Schoolpedia comes in.

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Great inspiring teachers.

Making Every Lesson Count.

Our specially trained qualified teachers make all the difference in sparking true learning. They are highly experienced in the school curriculum. They are passionate and dedicated providing the positive reinforcement that leads to success but they are much more than just tutors. They’re motivators and confidence builders. They know how to challenge and inspire children, turning frustration into confidence and strugglers into achievers. They are the heart of what we do.

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Fees accessible for everyone.

We strongly believe providing the best fully supportive education shouldn’t be expensive. That’s the main reason why our fees are at a price that’s accessible for everyone. Our membership is simple, straightforward and great value.

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