Your child’s future depends on a stable education and a love of learning. We truly know you want the best for your child, in school and in life that’s why we work hard to teach your child how to learn so, they can build their confidence and skills to be successful in school and beyond. A life changing experience for every child we teach.

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The Schoolpedia Education Method.

Developed by teachers – loved by students.

  • A personal skills assessment. It is especially designed through years of research to guide us and tell us where strengths and weaknesses are for each student. We meet them exactly where they are and build up from there.
  • A fully customised learning plan based on their personal skills assessment with follow-ups and revisions to ensure that progress in made and the desired results are achieved.
  • Use of unique to Schoolpedia materials and resources that have been developed through our Founders many years of pure classroom experience and are 100% in line with the National Curriculum.
  • The right tuition makes all the difference. Our qualified and specially trained teachers are here to inspire your child’s learning. They don’t just teach. They teach for understanding. They provide the positive reinforcement that leads to success.
  • Helping with their school homework is a true confidence booster. We always help your child with their school’s homework by making it easier to overcome homework frustration. We will always help them understand the key concepts and transform homework frustration into a welcome challenge. Our experienced teachers work with your child to make sure their homework are being done completely and that any subject-matter not understood can be dealt with immediately.
  • Connection between the lessons taught at Schoolpedia to what’s being taught in school. Our teachers can communicate with your child’s classroom teacher should you wish so, ensuring your child is making progress.


“…The results are transformative
Families see measurable results in attitude,
confidence, and school progress…”



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