Fundraising is essential

Supporting our local community.

Schoolpedia® Education was born out of the desire to actually help children reach their full potential. We know how challenging it is to fundraise all year round and be in the look out to find new ways to engage families and school. Our aim is to support local communities and families by providing those opportunities to help children develop a love for earning. By making learning simple and provide the support they need in their own individualised learning way we are able to make them reach their full potential. We are dedicated in supporting the local communities and we are here to help you whenever you need us.
How can we help:

  • We can set up a stall in your Christmas and Summer fair with engaging and funny Maths and English activities. There will be prizes to be won and children can play for free.
  • We can organise “Parent information” evenings on a variety of important educational topics.
  • We can help with your raffle by donating a generous prize of £100.
  • The right tuition makes all the difference. Our qualified and specially trained teachers are here to inspire your child’s learning. They don’t just teach. They teach for understanding. They provide the positive reinforcement that leads to success.
  • And of course as we are know about fundraising and how demanding it can be we can also take part in your ‘Annual General Meeting’ where we can help with fundraising ideas. It is all about involvement and how we can all make a difference to our local communities.

As we value your time and effort into bringing the local community together don’t forget that we are actively here to help. There are many other ways we can support your school and inspire your students and we would love to work with everyone, but availability is limited, so please speak to a member of staff for more information and to schedule your event.

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