At Schoolpedia, we help children understand their lessons by teaching the way that makes sense to them following their own pace. Children who consistently attend sessions at our tuition centres enjoy a transformative learning experience.

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We help build confident students. A life changing experience for every child we teach.

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At Schoolpedia, we believe that every child has the ability to be successful. They just need the right tuition – they need to be taught the way that suits them. As our Founders point out Understanding is the key to success.

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We firmly believe that virtually any child can achieve their full potential. When children learn in a way that they truly understand and absolutely suits them, they achieve greater success in the classroom.



See what people say about Schoolpedia.

“Schoolpedia tutored our two kids in maths and English for their Entrance Exams. They both got places at their first choice of schools and one of them was awarded a scholarship. Their help was key to their success. Can’t recommend them enough.”


Mary, Mother of Aya and Keyran

As a parent of two students, I find Schoolpedia to be the best solution for helping my kids with their study habits, organisational skills and assistance with subjects like Maths and English. I highly recommend Schoolpedia for a solid and flexible academic support.

Tonia, Mother of James and Jennifer

“Schoolpedia has been wonderful for us. My son was advanced in maths at school but was having difficulty with Geometry. At Schoolpedia the teachers worked on concepts he had missed as a result of the change of the National Curriculum, in addition to his work in Geometry. He went from struggling in November to receiving an award in June. All of the teachers at Schoolpedia were terrific to work with. They were incredibly flexible with our busy schedule and provided a safe and encouraging environment for my son.”

Jessica, Mother of Danny

“Schoolpedia is the best. At first I didn’t like maths at all and English seemed to be getting so difficult. After I started to come to Schoolpedia I loved it. It has also helped me improve my test scores. They give you extra help for your tests! Schoolpedia has helped me with my homework as well. Before tests the tutors can give you help! It is a definite place to go to.”

Asiya , Schoolpedia Student

“Tom started at Schoolpedia about a year ago. Although his progress showed he did well in maths, I believed there were some year 4 concepts that Tom didn’t truly understand. His SPaG was not as strong as I wanted it to be and he was frequently complaining about how difficult it is at school. He seemed to know enough to do well on his maths homework and tests, but I was concerned that as he moved on, his underlying knowledge wasn’t strong enough to carry him forward both in maths and English. Tom’s assessment at Schoolpedia revealed several concepts where he was weak, and he immediately began working on those. As a current student of year 5, he is very comfortable in his class and knows his Schoolpedia teachers will support him if he is confused. Tom likes the fact that Schoolpedia is a place where he can get one-on-one attention when he doesn’t understand something. He has found that sometimes he simply needs it explained in a different way, and that’s where Schoolpedia has really proved beneficial. For a student who doesn’t really enjoy math, Tom has never complained about going to Schoolpedia and his teachers at school say that he is always eager and ready to work hard!”

Sarah, Mother of Tom

“There are so many reasons that helped me make my decision to switch learning centres with my children and come to Schoolpedia. We first came to the tuition centre when we were invited to a fun competition. I was impressed by the centre being very bright, well-organised, and instrumental in learning. My children, of course, were drawn immediately to the “rewards” cabinet filled with some great toys like i-tunes gift cards and other great prizes for young eyes to go along with the star-card incentive program. I had lots of questions and when I sat down with one of the teachers, she took her time with me and we went over every detail. She explained how all of the teachers received a comprehensive training at Schoolpedia before even being hired to teach any of the students. Schoolpedia is very accommodating with scheduling the sessions, and that can really be helpful with kids’ and parents’ full schedules these days. I think what impressed me most is how each student’s learning objectives are individually tailored to their specific needs. The student first
takes an assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and their curriculum is based on that assessment and what is expected for their year level. This is further enhanced by the teaching from the teachers, not just correction of answers. I like how the kids are taught to think “outside the box”, to come up with the answers in more than one way, and become more than “human calculators.” I like having that kind of “personal touch” when it comes to teaching. The kids are always telling me how kind, patient, and nice the teachers are, and how they end their sessions by playing “calculating” games. “It’s really great fun, Mum,” is the response when I ask them, “How did it go today in Schoolpedia?” The kids also like being recognised for their progress on school tests and awards after studying with their Schoolpedia tutor. We are very happy having switched over to Schoolpedia, and would have come sooner had we known about it before.”

Victoria, mother of Lydia and Alfie



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